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The toroidal magnetic field correction to reduce instabilities through current rise up phase in IR-T1 tokamak

Physics & Astronomy International Journal
MR Riazifar,1 S Meshkani,1 H Mahdavy-Moghaddam,2 M Ghoranneviss1

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Keeping the plasma stable throughout the plasma discharge is now considered a massive undertaking in today’s Tokamaks. In this study, the part that the current rise up phase plays in the total plasma stability was investigated, toroidal magnetic field on IR-T1 Tokamak was altered to reach the least amount of instabilities in current rise up phase. In this experiment, in order to provide rigorous and details affirmation, SVD, FFT and hard X-ray analyses were employed. The results state that with toroidal magnetic field increment to a specific amount (3.10 KV), the plasma experiences the least amount of Mirnov oscillations (almost 25%) and instabilities during current rise up phase.


oroidal magnetic field, plasma, Mirnov oscillations, wavelengths, frequencies, array, magnetic fluctuations