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The dynamics of personal potential of students learning at the pedagogical university in the metropolis and the regional center

MOJ Anatomy & Physiology
Roman Aizman,1 Igor Galay,2 Alexey  Lebedev1


The main aim of this study is to assess the dynamics of students' personal qualities in the process of studying at a university from the first to the fourth year in a megacity at the Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University and its branch in the regional center of Kuibyshev. A study of the personal characteristics of female students of the 1st and the 4th courses (n=201) studying in the natural sciences and humanities was performed. The following methods were used to characterize the personal potential: Personality self-determination, Life satisfaction, Self-Organization activity, the Viability, Quality of life and satisfaction, the Socio-Psychological Adaptation and Personal Potential of Students. The results indicate that there are significant differences in the dynamics of indicators of the personal potential of female students of the NSPU for the period of study, depending on the characteristics of the socio-pedagogical environment of universities in the metropolis and regional center. Students studying in metropolis have the higher level almost of all mentioned parameters of personal potential than girls studying at the regional University branch. The specificity of such differences is associated with a change in the psychosocial status of students during the period of study at the university due to the influence of both positive and negative social and environmental, economic and cultural factors.


cultural factors, personal potential, metropolis, pedagogical, socio-economic level, professional activity, psychosocial personality, determining factors, self-realization, career advancement, mobilization of intellectual, stimulate activity, self-determination scale, social and environmental factors, close relationship