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Low cost home-made turmeric (hydro) gel: Preparation, rheology and prediction of safe period for using

Journal of Dermatology & Cosmetology
Marufa Rahman, Shakil Ahmed, Bodiuzzaman Rabbi, Iftekhar Ahmed, Sakina Sultana


tt: A single blind study was performed to find out the safe period for using the home made turmeric gels kept under normal condition on three types of customized formulations namely F1, F2 and F3. In this study, an economic preparation of turmeric gel with its safe period of use was proposed. F1 was formulated with preservatives (methyl paraben and propyl parabens in the ratio of 1:3), F2 was formulated with anti-oxidants (4 pieces of vitamin C tablets containing 250mg of ascorbic acid and 6 pieces of Vitamin E capsules each with potency 200IU). F3 was formulated without preservatives and anti-oxidants. In the study, samples (n=5 of each formulation) were investigated for organoleptic and physical properties including skin reactivity for 45 days by 15 volunteers. 
1.2 Methodology: Our results showed that the preparations did not show any remarkable changes in color, after feel effect, grittiness and smoothness, stickiness, filming & spread ability along with wash ability within 30 days. pH of formulations remained the same over 45 days and pH of F2 was found below 5 and other 2 formulations are found 7.4. In the study, gel syneresis and gel swelling was investigated. Syneresis is exudation of fluid and swelling is taking up of adjacent liquid. Results showed both the phenomenon were absent for F1 and F2; but one sample of F3 showed gel swelling after 30 days although that sample did not show gel syneresis. Regarding skin reactivity, F2 and F3 did not show any reaction; but F1 did. One F1 sample showed skin reaction within 5 minutes after application. In current study microbial tests were carried out on F1, F2, F2 (fortified) and F3. Please note that for formulations F2 (fortified), the amount of each of the antioxidants was doubled. Microbial study results were expressed as ‘cfu’/ml at a dilution of 105. 
1.3 Results and conclusion: Results are shown in table 4 and it shows for F1 ‘cfu’ was too few to count up to a period of 21 days and beyond this period ‘cfu’ value became too many to count stating safe period of using of this formulation at home was 21 days. While for F2 the ‘cfu’ count was in a range of (2.56- 2.70)X108 up to a period of 14 days and beyond this period count became too many to count stating safe period of using this formulation at home was 14 days. On the other hand, F2 (fortified) showed microbial count comparable to F1. For F2 (fortified) the ‘cfu’ count was (1.75-1.84)X108 up to a period of 21 days. Beyond this period count became too many to count. Therefore, safe period of domestic use for F2 (fortified) was 21 days. In the study, F3 preparation showed numerous microbial growth beyond two days stating safe period of use at home was only 2 days. 


turmeric, gel rheology, vitamin C, vitamin E, parabens, safe period of use, herbal cosmetics, industry shares, cosmetic items