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A review of physical principles and applications of acousto-optic deflectors on the basis paratellurite

Physics & Astronomy International Journal
Sergey N Antonov, VA Kotelnikov

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Deflectors based on Bragg non-axial anisotropic diffraction in a paratellurite crystal are considered. Practically significant relations connecting the main parameters are obtained, the factors limiting the diffraction efficiency and the angular scanning range are determined. The mode of multibeam acousto-optic diffraction as a method of creating a multichannel optical information output system is considered. A review of several new, practically implemented methods for increasing the main functional parameters of deflectors is presented. The possibility of using the diffraction mode in the second Bragg maximum in terms of sound amplitude to extend the scanning band is shown. The two-crystal scheme the deflector, which can significantly improve the efficiency of diffraction, expand the scanning range and create a polarization-insensitive deflector, is considered. Acousto-optic switch of fiber-optic channels was developed. The possibility of using multibeam acoustooptic diffraction to improve the energy efficiency of laser radiation by modifying its profile is established.


acousto-optic, acousto-optic deflector, piezoelectric transducer, diffraction efficiency, light polarization, fiber optics