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Acute effect of stretching before power force exercises

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The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of static stretching, warming up through slow running, stretching combined with slow running without any physical stimulus (control group) and its effects on the power strength measured using a protocol. horizontal jump, where the average results presented were 160.56±15.60 cm without any physical stimulus (control=G1); 153.75±15.88cm with 10 minutes of passive stretching (G2); 169.39±20.69 cm with 10 minutes of slow running for warm-up (G3) and 164.60 ±17.59 cm with 5 minutes of slow running and 5 minutes of passive stretching (G4). It has been shown that stretching performed before exercise where power is required can be counterproductive and warming up through slow running is important in performing motor actions that require this type of strength.


power strength, static stretching, warm up, horizontal jump, physical training, muscle activity, temporary reduction, soft tissues and joints, proper mobility, balance and movement, muscle contraction, muscle tension, muscle extension, tendon tension, joint activity, antigravity action