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Intrahepatic Cholestasis of pregnancy in the prenatal: case report

Obstetrics & Gynecology International Journal
Silas Santos Carvalho,1 Bruno Rodrigues de Oliveira,2 Débora Oliveira de Matos,3 Aline Macedo Carvalho Freitas,1 Bruna Gesteira Pimenta,3 Camila da Silva e Silva,4 Carine Andrade dos Santos,5 Carolina Santos Cerqueira,6 Jeane Silva Costa,3 Letícia Falcão de Carvalho,1 Lorena Ramalho Galvão,1 Luciana Bareto Carvalho,3 Michely Machado da Purificação,7 Polyanna de Lima Alves,3 Roberta de Almeida Soares,7 Tamara da Silva Souza Nogueira,4 Denise Angela Bacelar Soares,4 Kézia França de Jesus,1 Jayanne Moreira Carneiro1


Background: Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy is a rare disease with uncommon clinical status, triggered by the gestational process and of important repercussions for pregnant women and babies.

Objective: report a case of intra hepatic cholestasis of pregnancy. Case: A 39-year-old female nurse, in the first pregnancy, at the 35th week of pregnancy, experienced intense full-body itching related to the allergic process associated with choluria, fecal acholia and jaundice. There was a suspected diagnosis of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy, but after examination in an emergency department and also liver and kidney function tests, among others, the diagnosis was confirmed. A medicative drug treatment with ursodeoxycholicacid was performed to relieve the symptoms and dexamethasone was used for fetal maturation, as well as week lymonitoring of the conceptus vitality, with a favorable outcome.

Conclusion: Giventhe case, is remarkable the importance of obtainingan early diagnosis of Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy, requiring experience and a critical and questioning look of the examiner during prenatal consultations. It also high lights the need for further studies on strategies aimed at facility at ing the earliest possible diagnosis and treatment in order to avoid fatal outcomes.


Cholestasis Intrahepatic, Pregnant women, Prenatal care, Early diagnosis, Women’s health, Glutamic transaminase oxalacetic, Anti-nuclear factor, Maternal prognosis, Hormone replacement therapy, Oral estrogen, Malabsorption, Fetal prognosis, Fetal bradycardia, Myometrium, Oxytocin