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Mosaic warfare: from philosophy to model to solutions


The paper relates to advanced management of large distributed dynamic systems in unpredictable and crisis situations. It briefs the newest DARPA Mosaic Warfare concept oriented on rapidly composable networks of low–cost sensors, multi–domain command and control nodes, and cooperative manned and unmanned systems, with runtime integration of scattered resources which should operate together as one holistic system. It may have the highest value for solving complex national and international defense and security problems for which scattered throughout the world “mosaic” resources should be quickly integrated to collectively fight disaster and crisis situations, with separate nations unable of doing this individually. The paper shows how distributed mosaic systems can be modeled under the developed Spatial Grasp Technology (SGT) using active distributed knowledge networks and self–spreading and self– matching holistic spatial scenarios, with solving such exemplary problems on them as runtime collection of scattered resources into integral forces operating under unified control, and grouping of distributed facilities for surrounding and collective elimination of unwanted phenomena. Of practical importance may be mosaics–related approaches using massive robotics with unmanned units behaving as tiles in distributed environments. Explained is how to assemble teams of UCAVs intelligently swarming, self–restructurin and collectively observing territory with collecting and impacting the targets discovered. Another SGT scenario is organizing automatic fight of an aerial swarm with another group/swarm without centralized or external control. Also shown how broken into pieces the moving platoon of unmanned vehicles, due to road situations, is self–recomposing into a regular platoon chain, with vehicles symbolically considered as mosaic tiles too. The paper also summarizes the investigated advantages of using SGT for implementation of different Mosaic Warfare features.


mosaic warfare, spatial grasp technology, distributed, networking, multi–domain control, robotic swarming, implementation, management, dynamic, composable, demonstrated, supervision, elimination, dangerous, facilities, phenomena