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Essential space policy for small satellites-an important measure and urgencies

Aeronautics and Aerospace Open Access Journal
Aurthur Vimalachandran Thomas Jayachandran,1 Estephania Flores Aguilar,2 Oluwafemi Funmilola Adebisi3


The article is based on the proposed idea to The Space & Satellite Professionals International (SSPI Scholarship)-for the Satellite Futures policies. In the recent years the activities of small satellite has been increased hence the future of small satellites in space industry. There will be soaring amount of launches in the next few years. Large constellations of small satellites are in execution stage hence it is predicted that there will be rapid change in the perception standards of satellite industries. This revolution in small satellites is due to the success of scientific goal of various national space agencies. They had succeeded in improving the interests of young amateur scientists and students. This article is dedicated to the urge of space policies that provides security and secure access to space for co-existing with different satellite users for cooperation internationally. The Article is a summary of existing policy domains and emphasis on the need for an integrated policy between various satellite operators to bring functional ecosystem in various space orbits. It also discusses about the legal issues when suppliers have different regulations with respective to various non - space faring countries, space does not belong to any nation or group and that right should be protected by all. 


small satellites, earth orbit, space policy, constellations, space debris, law regulators