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Schistosomiasis presenting as acute appendicitis with mesenteric nodule filled with bilharzial ova: clinical report

MOJ Anatomy & Physiology
Amir Mounir,1 Doaa M Hasan2


Schistosomiasis is a parasitic infestation in humans, commonly in developing countries. The infection manifests itself as a variety of different pathologies, based on the location of the parasite and its eggs. An unusual manifestation is that of a common surgical presentation, acute appendicitis. We present a case of a young male who underwent appendicectomy for acute appendicitis caused by a Schistosomiasis infestation, established upon pathological examination of the resected appendix.


mesenteric thrombosis, schistosomiasis infection, diarrhoea, hematuria, normal haemoglobin, ileoceacal junction, epigastric discomfort, appendix, platelets, nodule, indicative, spines visualized, total leukocyte count, abdomen