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The nurse’s activities in respect of the vitima cranioencephalic traumatism at first aid: one literature revision

International Journal of Family & Community Medicine
Milani Caren Leticia de Souza,1 Campos Thais Sene,2 Silva Sara Yamone Zygoski Portela3


The Traumatic brain injury (TBI) It is a serious public health problem that takes a major cause of death and sequelae in children and young adults. According to the Brazilian statistics, external causes are among the four most frequent mortality agents in the country, and if the deaths were excluded from ill-defined causes, would then occupy the second or  third.  In  this  scenario  the  nurse  becomes  essential  in  the  care  provided,  requiring greater ability to collect a brief history of the victim, perform a physical examination and intervene through immediate treatment, emphasizing the maintenance of life. Purpose of this  literature  review  is  to  understand  the  work  of  nurses  in  the  care  of  traumatic  brain  injury victim answered the emergency room.This work was developed through a literature review conducted through surveys in the databases Lilacs, Scielo, Medline and Bireme, in use from 2008 to 2018 items, which gave grounds to the proposed theme.It is hoped with is research can support the development of new studies on the subject, contribute to the safety and quality of care in institutions for patient care victim of TBI and add new knowledge to health professionals working in this area.


encephalic trauma, nursing care, nurse, injuries