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Wearable technology clothing - the potential to adapt and succeed in the fashion retail


Fashion and technology are two different spheres that have been brought together when the first calculator watch was introduced in mid 1970 therefore starting the presence of wearable technology. Since then, wearable technology has only been growing, entering not only accessories sector as the very first but also clothing and footwear. This paper reports whether wearable technology clothing and footwear have a potential to adapt and succeed in fashion retail. The issues that appear as obstacles to the wearable technology spreading into the fashion retail have been investigated and the possible solutions are discussed. The important factors that affect the purchasing behaviour of consumers with wearable technology clothing or footwear products are investigated.


Wearable technology, Fashion retail, Consumers concerns, Smart clothing, Textiles, Computer engineering, Materials science, Stripy dress, Flexible electronics, Electric power, Solar shirt, Sports footwear, Fashionable footwear, Fabric