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Strategies for improving anti-malarial drug quality in Cambodia market

MOJ Public Health
Keam Somony

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Anti-malarial drug quality is a central role of malaria treatment in the endemic poor countries. Strategies of improving quality are important to make drug quality to effect patients but neglect to concern in import of fake anti-malarial drug cause failure of treat patients, economic finance, have no confidence and drug resistance in health systems. The appearance of fake anti-malarial drug is affected to people who seek to buy in Cambodia market and efforts are needed to improve drug quality of the Cambodia supply of anti-malarial. Malaria drug vendor has adverted to the alarming scale of poor anti-malarial drug quality in drug store but also illustrated the major geographical gaps in data on anti-malarial drug quality from rural area. Initiatives that offer active disease management strategies and promote patients and malaria knowledge appear more successful in increasing treatment adherence and decreasing the risk of financial hardship. This research reviews is essential to study how anti-malarial drugs are distributed and consumed the strategies and methods available to study the quality of anti-malarial to ensure that they are be able to comprehend about quality.


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