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How eyesight is associated to pulse rate?

MOJ Public Health
Daima Hamid 

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Objective of present study was to link pulse rate with eyesight. Human pulse rate is different for different individuals. It is related to the physiology of the human body. Pulse is dilation of an artery rhythmically. Pulse rate shows the heart beats per minute. Eyesight is the range of sight at which human can see clearly. The normal human eye can see clearly at a distance of 20feet. Far-sightedness and near-sightedness is a common disease related to eyesight. 255subjects gave their consent to participate in this project. Pulse rate was checked and related question was asked. Total subjects data analysis was done without discrimination of gender. Results showed that subjects having higher pulse rate had eyesight between -2 to -1 while lower pulse rate had eyesight between -3 to -2. The t-test was done. It was concluded from the result that pulse rate and eyesight relation is non-significant. Pulse rate has no relation with eyesight. 


eyesight, pulse rate, research, myopia, t-test, carotid artery, far sightedness, near-sightedness, p values, hyperopia, dilation, artery, rhythmically,pulse rate, dilation