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Employee retention: relationship among housekeeper’s job satisfaction, organizational workforce, and racial-ethnicity within the global hospitality industry in Utah, U.S.A. finding stability in a volatile hospitality industry

Arts & Humanities Open Access Journal
Yang Huo
Department of Hospitality Management, Woodbury School of Business, Utah Valley University, USA


The purpose of this paper is to explore what aspects of organizational workforces and a  work  environment  and  motivate  the  employee  and  in  conjunction  of  his/her  cultural diversity aspect to stay in the organization. This paper is extended to determine the factors reasons for retention of housekeeping employees in hotels in Utah. The researcher has analyzed  data  collected  from  225  respondents  and  used  component  factor  analysis  to extract the factors from 12 organizational workforce variables: job satisfaction, extrinsic rewards, constituent attachments, organizational commitment, organizational prestige, lack of  alternative,  investments,  advancement  opportunities,  location,  organizational  justice, flexible work arrangements, non-work influences. The findings indicate that four factors: employee  value,  rewards,  job  satisfaction,  and  organizational  commitment  are  major reasons for the employees’ retention in hotels. The findings provide empirical evidence that hotel operator need to aware that the workforce environment is an importance source of employee retention.


employee retention, job satisfaction, organizational workforce, cultural diversity, factor analysis