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The Antigravitation-fiction or reality?

Physics & Astronomy International Journal
Marius Arghirescu,1 Lucian Spiridon2
State Office for Inventions and Trademarks, Patents Department, Romania
Lucian Spiridon, Romanian Academy, Committee of History and Philosophy of Science and Technics, Romania


The paper presents commentaries related to a theoretical model of anti-gravitational type force generating, resulted from a vortexial model of particle , specific to a cold genesis theory of particles and fields (CGT) which explains the gravitation with a Fatio/leSage type model, by etheronic fluxes produced in the matter de-structuration process, when the temperature inside of cosmic bodies tends toward or attains a critical value. The model may explain the nature of the force which had pushed the cover of almost 2000 tons of the reactor Elena during the Tchernobyl accident and gives theoretical implications related to the generation of a pulsatory antigravitic (pseudo)charge of quasaric black-holes, in accordance with the evidenced field-like nature of the dark energy and with a toy” model using the concept of “negative mass”. According to a preonic sub-structure of quarks specific to CGT, it results also the conclusion that it is not logical the existence of temperatures higher than in Universe.


anti-gravitational force, vortexial model of particle, cold genesis theory, dark energy, Fatio/leSage type model, etheronic fluxes, antigravitic (pseudo)charge