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Twin pregnancy one neonate with encephalocele

International Journal of Pregnancy & Child Birth
Takele Digafe Diriba, Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Aira General Missionary Hospital, Ethiopia


Encephalocele is neural tube defect characterized by failure of the surface ectoderm to separate from the neuroectoderm. This leads to a bony defect in the skull table, which allows herniation of the meninges or brain tissue.1,2 To report case of 30 years old gravida 5 para 3 abortion 1 lady admitted with diagnosis of twin pregnancy and one of the twin with neural tube defect, delivered one health neonate and other with encephalocele. Conclusion folic acid supplementation and/or food fortification for all reproductive age groups will reduce incidence and recurrence of neural tube defect according to the level of the risk they have.


twin pregnancy, encephalocele, neuroectoderm, herniatio