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ENT diseases presenting to a tertiary care hospital

Open Access Journal of Thyroid Research & Therapy
Junaid Zeb, Department of Anatomy, Khyber medical college, Pakistan


Objectives: To determine the frequency of different ENT diseases presenting at outpatient departmentand to educate people about different ENT diseases, their early treatment and prevention.

Methodology: An observational cross sectional study was performed in Ayub Teaching Hospital, Abbottabad between 15 May 2016 and 10 Aug 2016. A non-probability convenient sampling technique was used to collect data from 250 participants from patients presenting at OPD. Data about patient particulars and different diseases was collected through a well-structured questionnaire.Data was secured and confidentiality was maintained. Data was analyzed using SPSS 21.

Results: Out of all participants 250, 129(51.6%) were males and 121(48.4%) were females. Most of them 76(30.3%) had only primary education and a good number were also matriculate. Majority of the patient 165(66%) were socio-economically poor. Ear problems were most commonly encountered. Among ear problems, bilateral ear wax was the most common 38(15.2%) followed by acute otitis media 33(13.2%) and chronic suppurative otitis media 27(10.8%).Throat problems were 2nd in number to the ear problems. Most commonly presented throat problems were of tonsillitis including both acute and chronic conditions accounting for 39(15.6%) cases. Nose problems comes behind the ear and throat diseases and most common problems were of allergic rhinitis 33(13.2%) and DNS 20(8%). Cases of sinusitis and epistaxis had a very low frequency. Most of these patients were suffering from these problems for the last one year. Most of them had taken medical treatment from the Govt. Hospitals.

Conclusion: Among ENT diseases, ear diseases are most common followed next by nose and then throat diseases. Most of these diseases are of acute onset with less than a year of disease duration. They exist mainly in low socio-economic class and most of the patient avail the medical treatment.


ENT diseases, OPD, frequency, otitis media, medical treatment, observational, Ayub Teaching Hospital, matriculate, majority, patients, tonsillitis, sinusitis, medical, treatment, allergies