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Professor Kartlos Joseph Kachiashvili

MOJ Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Georgian Technical University

Research Interest

Mathematical Statistics; Data Analysis (Environmental, Agricultural and Medical); Mathematical Mo­deling and Simulation (Environmental Water Pollution); New Computer Technologies Development; System Analysis (Environmental Water Pollution); Com­pu­ting Mathematics


Kartlos Kachiashvili has his expertise in Mathematical Statistics, Data Analysis, Mathematical Mo¬deling and Simulation, New Computer Technologies Development, System Analysis of the environmental water pollution level, Com¬pu¬ting Mathematics. He developed his activities in scientific production associations, research institutes and universities of different countries (Georgia, Russia, Pakistan). Developed by him methods, models, systems, methodologies, program packages were practically realized in real systems of different countries of former USSR. His research results are published in 231 scientific articles, 7 monographs and 5 Text-Books published in many well-known, international journals and publishing houses. Monographs and Text-Books are published in Georgia, Russia, USA, Indonesia. He obtained scientific degree “Candidate of Sciences” in March, 1978, in Moscow Power Institute (Technical University) – (Russia). The next scientific degree “Doctor of Sciences” (Dr. of Sc.) he obtained in October, 1990, in D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia (Moscow).